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Oil-field specific high pressure electromagnetic flowmeter
paper-making specific electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG type Smart Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG Wafer Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG Insertion type Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG Battery-Powered Electromagnetic Flowmeter
MGG Sanitary Centrifugal type Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG high pressure Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG Diving type Electromagnetic flowmeter
Portable type Ultrasonic flowmeter
Hand-held Ultrasonic flowmeter
Fixed and simple type Ultrasonic flowmeter
Fixed standard type Ultrasonic floemeter
Remote type Ultrasonic flowmeter
MGG/R Electromagnetic type Heat-energy meter
LUGB type vortex flowmeter
WLV V-cone type Flowmeter
WLG orifice-plate flowmeter

  Kai Feng weili Flow Instrument Co., LTD is an professional manufacturer of Electromagnetic flowmeter in Kai Feng city ,He Nan province ,China .We produced the mag flowmeter by our experienced expert and engineer in China ,it has the solely design and appearance .Our products’ annual production is more than 8,000 sets .Under the huge pressure of today’s global industry which is rapidly changing and extremely competitive , we could be a winner in this challenging environment because of our enterprise belief –honesty could construct the business ,technology should change the future of human beings .We exports

  Kai Feng Weili has provided automation solution to the pulp & paper industry,Chemical and petroleum industry , Metallurgy industry ,Water and waste water , Agriculture and irrigation , Food and beverage industry , Papermaking , Environmental total sewage , Pharmaceutical industry ,etc for over 20 years. Our portfolio of leading quality products and technologies are familiar to most in the industry with brands such as Fisher , Rosemount and ABB .To deliver maximum value to Customers , Kai Feng Weili has actively devoted ourselves to researching & developing new products , such as oil-field high pressure mag flowmeter ,paper-making specific mag flowmeter and battery powered mag flowmeter ,etc .Kai Feng weili has also progressively invested in equipments of manufacturing and application capabilities to provide comprehensive automation and optimization solutions .
  The outstanding achievements of our products are by the following , actually we own more than three thousand users in domestic and on abroad :
1. Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation
2.Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation
3.  Guofeng Iron and Steel
4.  Lianyuan steel Corporation
5. QINGDAO Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd
6.  Shougang mining company
7.  China national petroleum corporation (CNPC)
8.   China Petrochemical Corporation
9.    Anshan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation Gong chang ling iron mining
10.Jiehe Gold mining in Zhaoyuan city
11.Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd
12.Zhongzhou Branch China Aluminium Co.,Ltd
13.China Aluminium Group corporation
14.Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation Ekou Iron mining
15.Longqiao mining Co., Ltd
16.Sound Group
17.Beijing Origin Water Technology Incorporation Company
18.Guozhen Group Corporation
19.Wuhan Water Group Corporation
20.Tianjin Water Bureau
21.Xuchang Water Corporation
22.Yangquan Water Corporation
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