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Oil-field specific high pressure electromagnetic flowmeter
paper-making specific electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG type Smart Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG Wafer Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG Insertion type Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG Battery-Powered Electromagnetic Flowmeter
MGG Sanitary Centrifugal type Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG high pressure Electromagnetic flowmeter
MGG Diving type Electromagnetic flowmeter
Portable type Ultrasonic flowmeter
Hand-held Ultrasonic flowmeter
Fixed and simple type Ultrasonic flowmeter
Fixed standard type Ultrasonic floemeter
Remote type Ultrasonic flowmeter
MGG/R Electromagnetic type Heat-energy meter
LUGB type vortex flowmeter
WLV V-cone type Flowmeter
WLG orifice-plate flowmeter
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  We are a factory of which specialized for manufacturing Electromagnetic Flowmeters in Kai Feng city, He Nan province ,China. We are a leading purchasing , supply & Contract Management company accredited to the ISO 9001 2000 Quality Standard , be able to manufacture and calibrate variety models and types of EMF for Diameters of DN6mm ~ DN2000mm ,Nominal Pressure of 0.6MPa ~ 70MPa .
  Our electromagnetic Flow meter’s brand is MGG , which are used for measuring the flow value of conductivity fluid closed in the pipeline . We manufactured the flowmeter by ourselves used the  advanced technical in domestic . The main application range of MGG widely covers a variety of fields : Chemical and petroleum industry , Metallurgy industry ,Water and waste water , Agriculture and irrigation , Food and beverage industry , Papermaking , Environmental total sewage , Pharmaceutical industry ,etc .
  Now our production besides sales on the marketing of China , also export to Japan and Korea etc. Otherwise ,we take the cooperation form of OEM with Yamatake corporation in Japan ,ABB company and some other enterprises in China .
  Our production quality and price are widely recognized by the marketing .Nowadays , our new product—battery power supplied convertor will be promoted into the market at the end of the month , welcome to pay attention to this new product .
  In addition to offering in-depth applications support across these sectors , our company also provides a comprehensive maintenance, repair and calibration service for most pressure , flow and leak instruments .
  As a big pine tree ,showing firm spirit in spite of snowstorm ,rain and wind helps the mankind ,Kai Feng Weili Flow Instrument Co .,LTD will make efforts to be a pillar of Instrument Industrial toward the world and to contribute to the life of mankind .

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