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Electromagnetic type Heat-energy meter一、Overview:
  MGG/R electromagnetic heat-energy meter is a kind of instrument measured the heat released of heat conducting fluid in thermal conversion systems .It used the high accuracy and reliability electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the flow value ,then adopt Platinum thermal resistance to measure temperature ,it shows the best performance in measurement. It can be widely used for measuring the heat in civilian residential quarters, offices and institutions central heating, heating, air conditionin,etc.

·It adopt 16-bit single chip computer to calculate data ,Platinum thermal resistance to measure the heat and Electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the flow ,high accuracy ,stable and reliable operation ,excellent performance.
·Meassurement is independent of heat conducting fluid’s density ,viscosity ,pressure and conductive ratio .
·There are no obstacle part in the measuring tube ,no pressure loss ,not influented by the poor water quality .
·Wide measurement range ,flow velocity can be set between 1m/s ~ 10m/s .
·Large-screen LCD screen backlight display Chinese version ,easily reading under strong light or matt.
·It can display the accumulated heat, and the cumulative flow, transient heat, transient flow, water temperature, water temperature, temperature difference simultaneously ,and check out the flow velocity ,power failure records ,etc .
·It adopt a random temperature changes in enthalpy thermal modification principle to ensure that measurement precision under the different water temperature .
·It has a unified DC signal and frequency signal output function, and this feature is available in the heat and flow parameters to switch .
·With the functions of batch processing (quantitative output), equivalent pulse output, keying directly Clear .
·With digital communications of RS-485 (RS-232, M-BUS and HART is optional) output , to facilitate the achieve long-distance communications.
·With password-protected function, without password can not modify operating parameters .

三、General technical parameters
1、Technical parameters of Electromagnetic heat-energy converter:
·Power:220V AC(110VAC ~ 245VAC)、24VDC
·Power consumption:≤20W (matching power consumption)
·Accuracy class:Class 1 or Class 2 (matching accuracy )
·Protection class:IP65
·Ambient temperature:Class A
·Temperature resolution:0.01℃
·Optional temperature measurement range:-30℃ ~ 180℃
·Temperature measuring range:1℃ ~ 90℃
·Maximum flow reading(m3):9999999999(10 digits)
·Maximum heat reading(Mwh):9999999999(10 digits)
·Heat units:kJ、MJ、GJ、kwh、Mwh(optional)
·Anolog output:4 ~ 20mA DC / 600 Load resistance(switching between in the heat and flow parameters)
·Pulse output :Maximum frequency 5000Hz , pulse width :0.1ms ~ 999.9ms (switching between in the heat and flow parameters)
·Communication : RS-485(RS-232、M-BUS、HART is optional)

2、Technical parameters of Electromagnetic flow sensor :
·Nominal Bore :DN50 ~ DN600
·Nominal pressure :0.6MPa ~4MPa
·Liner material :High temperature resistance 、PTFE、PFA、F46
·Electrose Material :Stainless steel 0Cr18Ni12MO2Ti ,Hastelloy B ,Hastelloy C , Titanium ,Tantalum,Platinum-iridiumalloy.
·Structure mode : Remote type ,Integral type
·Medium temperature : -30℃ ~ 180℃
·Connection mode : Flange type

3、Technical parameters of temperature sensor :
·Sensor type :PT1000
·Installation mode : Protection casing
·Temperature measuring range :-50℃ ~ 200℃
·Wire lenth :0.6m ~ 15m

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