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Fixed and simple type Ultrasonic flowmeter一、Overview:
  It is a integral pipe section type ultrasonic flowmeter that use of low-power single-chip control to research and develop .It Solve the problem caused by which external application and plug-in sensor in the installation process, as a result of man-made or channels measured parameters were not correct so that caused by error ,then to decline measurement accuracy .It have more advantages such as high accuracy , wide-range, low cost, simple installation, low pressure loss and no mechanical moving parts ,etc .

·Accuracy :Better than 1%
·Repeatability :Better than 0.2%
·Linearity :Better than 0.5%
·Measuring range : Different specifications of the sensor placement can be realized caliberating the flow measurement DN50 ~ DN6000 pipeline.
·Working power :24VDC
·Installation mode :clamp type ,insertion type ,pipe section type
·Display : Primary measuring instrument can finish the measurement at measuring points, it can also re-display the cumulative flow, transient flow, flow and other parameters, the secondary instrument shows that more than 100 Chinese Menu.
·Operation : Magnetic rod can be used in viewing parameters in primary measuring instrument, but also through the secondary instrument with the Chinese again set parameters or display.
·Protection Class :Primary measuring instrument could reach to IP68 ,and working under 2 meters of underwater.
·Others :It adopt RS485 communication between primary and secondary measuring instrument ,using normal cable , transmission distance is up to 1000 meters above, network is very convenient and fast. This transmission mode has high anti-interference ability ,can resolve the issues such as specific cable of remote type Ultrasonic Flowmeter is high cost , weak anti-jamming capability, transmission distance short ,etc .

二、Optional host of secondary measuring instrument

Wall hanging type
Dashboard mount type
·Used for installing on the wall
·Used for installing dashboard
·Ex-proof class :DIIBT4O
  ccasions for the
·Dimension :285×265×90mm

三、Optional sensor

Simple type


·Installation directly ,no need to stop the flow, no pressure   loss
·Accuracy is ±1%
·Installation and maintenance is convenient, users can install   by themselves.
·Price is the lowest ,no relate to the caliber
·For the environment of better working conditions

·Installation directly ,no need to stop the flow, no pressure   loss
·Accuracy is ±1%
·After training , users can install by tapper themselves.
·Price is the highest ,no relate to the caliber
·Receive a good signal, long-term operation is stable and   reliable
Pipe section
·Installation need to stop the tube and flow ,no pressure less
·Accuracy is ±0.5%
·Installation need to stop the flow , users can install by   tapper theirselves.
·The size is larger ,the price is higher.
·High accuracy ,receive a good signal, long-term operation is   stable and reliable

四、Optional accessories

Measuring range
Fluid temperature
High temperature clamp
Pipe section

Primary measuring instrument is DC8~36V ,secondary instrument is AC220V or DC24V


3 Road, 4 ~ 20mA analog input, 2-way 3-wire system TP-100 resistance signal input


Isolated RS232/RS485 output, 2-way Isolated OCT output, 1 way isolated 4 ~ 20mA output (passive)

Communication protocol

METER-BUS protocol、MODBUS protocol 、Fuji extended protocol

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