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Hand-held Ultrasonic flowmeter一、Overview:
  Hand-held ultrasonic flowmeter could applied for online calibration and inspecting liquid industrial on site . With high measurement accuracy, consistency, and battery-powered, simple operation, easy to carry, etc., is the smallest, lightest weight, the true sense of the portable ultrasonic flowmeter.

·Accuracy:better than 1%
·Repeatability:better than 0.2%
·Linearity:better than 0.5%
·Working power:3 built-in AAA Ni-MH batteries, it can sustainable work for 12 hours after fully charged each time .
·Installation mode : The magnetic sensor of the ultrasonic flowmeter absorpted to the wall of the pipeline to complete the flow measurement.
·Measuring range : Different specifications of the sensor placement can be realized calibrating the flow measurement DN50 ~ DN6000 pipeline.
·Display : 4×8 Chinese version or 4×16 English version , it shows the cumulative flow, the instantaneous flow velocity, the work of state. at the same time .
·Signal output : RS232, Baud rate75-57600 , at the same time ,it compate with Fuji Ultrasonic Flowmeter and other similar products’ communication protocols.
·Others : Built-in data logger can record 2000 lines data .
           Lock settings, change the data required to unlock.
           7digit Positive and negative, the net cumulative browser, and the start            button for the calibration.

二、Standard configuration

Standard sensor :Two
Specific signal cables : 5m×2
POWER line : 1

Specific Coupling Medium1

Package tape 3m×1
Heat-sensitive printpaper

Fastening belt 3m×2

High-strength protective box 1

三、Optional sensor

Standard sensor
Large sensor
High temperature standard sensor

Specification of sensor



High temperature standard

Appropriate temperature
-40℃ ~ 110℃
-40℃ ~ 160℃
Velocity range
0 ~ ±30m/s
all single, uniform and stable liquid such as Water, seawater, sewage, acid-base fluid, a variety of oils, etc. can transfer ultrasound
Medium turbidity
10000ppm and contain small bubbles
Signal cable
Standard configuration:5米×2 、10米×2 or 15米×2 is optional
Intelligent charging directly access AC220V, it could automatically cut-off and the Green light is lighting when charging have been finished .
Power consumption

四、Optional accessories

·Accurate measuring the pipe wall’s thickness to improve the accuracy of flow measurement.
·Measuring range:1.2 ~ 225.0mm
·Measuring Accuracy :±1%H ±0.1mm
  H is the thickness of pipe measured
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
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