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Insertion type Electromagnetic flowmeter一、Overview:
  Magne W3000 PLUS Insertion type Electromagnetic flowmeter being based on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction with advanced international technics is a kind of flowmeter of high intellectual and reliability .It has been widely used in the area of big-cable flowmeters with its high cost-effective.

·Measurement is independente of fluiddensity ,viscosity ,humidity ,temperature , pressure and conductivity.
·The high reliable out-insertion installing mode with which the sensor can be installed without removing the measuring pipe makes the flowmeter particularly applicable in fields where the water can’t be cut off for long time .In addition , it can be equipped on the old pipe with local hatching .
·With simple structure ,the flowmeter is of high reliability without lining in the measuring pipe .
·The wide range of the nominal bore is suitable for all the pipe size between DN300 and DN 3000.
·The integral grounded electrode guarantees the grouding well .
·The sensor with advanced processing technology and liquid airproof is of long natural life and of nice resistance to shaking leakage .It guarantees the instrument good precision and stability .

三、Thechnical Parameters:
·Nominal Bore : DN300 ~ DN3000mm
·Nominal pressure :1.6MPa
·Measuring pipe material : CS/316L
·Sensor measuring probe material : PVC, ABS ,Polupropylene
·Electrose Material :Stainless steel 0Cr18Ni12MO2Ti ,Hastelloy B ,Hastelloy C , Titanium .
·Accuracy : When the velocity of flow less than 0.5m/s ,the accuracy is ±1.5% ;when the velocity of full-scale more than 1m/s ,is ±1.0% .
·Medium Temperature ;PVC、ABS:+60℃ ,Polupropylene :+80℃
·Ambient Temperature : -25℃ ~ +60℃
·Relative Humidity : 5% ~ 95%
·Atmospheric Pressure : 86 ~ 106KPa
·Straight pipeline requirement :10D at upstream ,5D at downstream
·Protection : IP65, IP68 is optional
·Connection Mode : Flange
·Ex-proof marks : ExmbIIT4

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