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Smart Electromagnetic flowmeter一、Breif Introduction:
  Magne W3000 PLUS Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeter is of perfect performance and reliability .Based on the successfully proved Magne W3000 flow technology on aboard ,the flow-meter is widely used in industries of petroleum ,chemical engineering ,metallurgy,food,electric power , papermaking ,water treatment ,etc.

·Measurement is independent of fluid density ,viscosity ,humidity ,temperature , pressure and conductivity .
·There are no obstacle parts in the measuring tube ,no pressure loss to the tube of which the straight part is of low requirement.
·The sensor with grounded electrode gurantees the grounding well .
·The sensor with advanced processing technology is of nice resistance to the negative pressure .
·The converter of the Magne W3000 PLUS makes the reading easily under the sun or in the dark room .
·Installed on the tube forming with the standard type on angle equal to or small than 90°,the revolving display screen improves the visibility of the integrated flow meter.
·In bad environment parameter can be without uncovering the cover of the converter set up through the infra-red ray touch nub .
·The converter has alarm output function of self-diagnosis ,empty load test ,high and low limit of the flow,two-stage flow value,etc.
·It is used not only in general process test ,but also in the test of mine pulp , paper pulp and pastry liquid .
·The sensor of high-pressure electromagnetic flowmeter is made with patent technology and specially applied in industries of petroleum ,chemical engineering ,etc.

三、Technical Parameter:
·Nominal Bore : DN6 ~ DN3000mm
·Nominal pressure:0.6 ~ 70MPa
·Accuracy : ±0.5% of the value displayed , ±0.3% or ±0.2% are selectable.
·Lining Material:Rubber ,Teflon ,F46 ,Polypropylene ,Neoprene ,Polyurethane
·Electrode forms:Standard type ,Blade type,Removable type
·Electrose Material :Stainless steel 0Cr18Ni12MO2Ti ,Hastelloy B ,Hastelloy C , Titanium ,Tantalum,Platinum-iridiumalloy ,stainless steel coverd with carbide .
·Temperature of Medium:
  Remote type : -10℃~+80℃ (Teflon ,F46,Polypropylene)
  Integral type : -10℃~+80℃
·Ambient Temperature : -25℃~+60℃
·Amibient Humidity :5~100%RH (Relative Humidity)
·Conductive Ratio of the Medium : 5μs/cm
·Measuring range :1500:1 , Flow velocity setting < 15m/s
·Structure form :Integral type,remote type,Immersion ,Explosion-proof type
·Protection class of shell: IP65、IP68 is optional(IP65:Dust density ,Anti-spraying   water;IP68: Dust density,it permites continuous flooding,only remote type)
·Ex-proof marks: ExmbIIT4
·Product Standard :JB/T 9248-1999 Electromagnetic flowmeter

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