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Oil-field specific high pressure electromagnetic flowmeter  Kai Feng Weili Flow Instrument Co .,LTD is an enterprise with high scientific technology which is professionally concentrating on the scientific research ,production ,and management .Our company cooperate with experienced experts in domestic researching & developing the MagneW3000 oil-field specific electromagnetic flowmeter together .MagneW3000 oil-field specific electromagnetic flow converter is designed according to working condition of Oil-field’s scene in domestic and compounded with our oil-field specific electromagnetic flowmeter  , flow sensor with advanced processing technology of the world could measure the flow value of any serous and liquid stable and reliable under the circumstances which is high-pressure ,high-velocity ,and pulsatile flow ,etc .This product can be widely used for the scene of Cementing and watering injection ,etc.
·This serous-type converter is imported from Yamatake corparation of Japan
·High accuracy ,better
·Anti-interfernce ability
·without any reducing flow parts   inside of the sensor ,application is   safe and reliable at the scene .
·Unique lining technology ,high   pressure tolerance ,abrasion   resisting .
·oil nonan connecting ,it is easy to installiing on site .

Technical parameters
Nominal Bore:
DN25 ~ DN300mm
Nominal pressure:
±0.5% of the value displayed ; ±0.2% is optional
Polyurethane ,F46,PFA
Electrodes material:
0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti,Hastelloy B ,Hastelloy C ,Titanium
Structure type:
Integral ,Remote
Medium temperature:
-10℃ ~ +160℃
Ambient temperature:
-25℃ ~ +60℃
Medium electrical   conductivity:


Ex-proof standard:
Main power:
12V car power supply invert to 220V AC
output signal:
Pulse output ,4~20mA Analog output
Protection class:
Lighting protection:
12KV ,1000A equipped with the lightning arrester in the power source and external input and output terminals.
Power failure:
An EEPROM retains data record of totalized value when pulse output is used (retention period approximately 10 years)

pratigue shooting at the scene
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