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WLV V-cone type Flowmeter一、Overview:
  V-cone Flowmeter is a kind of new differential pressure flow measurement Instrument .It can be used to measure variety of liquids ,gases or liquid-gas mixed medium . It installed a cone catheter in the center of tube to throttling valve, by measuring the differential pressure before and after the cone to measure the flow value .As the geometry figure of the cone has many advantages compared with the traditional differential pressure components,it is composed of three-value group ,drawing pressure pipe ,pressure transmitter and accumulator. Such as compressible media of gas and steam ,it can be implemented compensation of temperature and pressure,the composition of mass flow measurement system . Flowmeter for its superior performance for different working environments, particularly in the industrial production of high-volume,low pressure, high moisture content gas and coke oven gas, natural gas and other fluid measurement. V-cone flowmeter widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, long-distance pipe network, heat pipe network, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment, pharmaceutical, paper, food, aerospace and other industries.

·Purge type design,self-clean function , No stranded District.
·No strict direct-pipe request
·Boundary layer effects make the instrument is wear-resistant, throttling area is long-term stability, signal stability .
·Adapting measurement of gas and liquid
·Back-pressure is stable ,relative pressure loss is small

三、Mail technical parameters
·Nominal Bore :DN15 ~ DN2000mm
·Repetition :±0.1%
·Nominal pressure :1.6、4.0、10、16、25、40MPa
·Measuring range proportion:10:1
·βrange :0.45 ~ 0.85
·Medium Temperature :-50℃ ~ +700℃
·Straight pipe :upstream 0 ~ 3D
                  downstream 0 ~ 1D
·Low pressure drop :adjacent to venturi tube
·High stability :The throttling area and signal are steady for long term .

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