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WLG orifice-plate flowmeter一、Overview:
  WLG is a kind of throttling device which possesses advantages of simple structure ,and good performance .The design ,manufacturing and applicationare all in conformity with the stipulations of international standards ISO5167-1991 or national standards GB/T2624-93.
  WLG orific-plate flowmeter can be used to measure volumetric flow of the stable one-orientation medium in the closed pipes coupled with differential pressure transmitter and relative flow display instrument .It is widely used in petroleum , chemical.metallurgy,power ,environment protection.

二、Measuring principle:
  It is based on the the energy-based conversion theorems of Bernoulli to measure in closured tube . When fluid of pipeline passes through orifice plate, the fluid area caused by a sudden contraction then produced pressure difference before and after the plate, through the ring casing pressure tapping , or flange pressure tapping, then transmit the value to differential pressure transmitter , output current or barometric signal which is relative to flow and can also be directly shows the cumulative total value .

·The construction is simple ,fastness and easy to install .
·Pressure tapping mode : Angle joint or flange mode
·Needless of true flow calibration
·Widely used ,working reliably ,performing stably.
·Various accessories can be designed for customers.
·Temperature ,feildbus communication mode and pressure compensation can be obtained if coupled with a intelligent differential pressure transmitter .

四、Main technical Data:
·Nominal Bore:DN50 ~ DN1000mm
·Nominal Pressure:0.6 ~ 32MPa(≥20MPa High-pressure lens plate or fully welding ))
·Medium Temperature:-20 ~ 530℃
·Accuracy:±0.5% ~ ±1.5%
·Relative data about orifice plate and pressure tapping:


Nominal Bore

Aperture proportion

Renault range Red

Nominal pressure MPa


Orifice plate

Ring casing


Angle joint





Stainless steel

Stainless steel or Carbon steel

Stainless steel or Carbon steel





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